Artist Statement:
My favorite part of being an artist has always been color and texture. Experimenting with colors blending and overlapping on a canvas, or a piece of pottery. Dragging a pencil through a fresh stroke of paint to create a tactile ridge. Standing back to see a finished work and watching the colors dance together on the substrate to create something you’d never see in any photograph.
I embrace an ever-changing and growing style of approaching my work. Inspired by the Kansas landscape that surrounds me, much of my work features native flora and fauna that can be seen in the pastures behind my husband and I’s farmhouse. I have recently developed a strong love for historical narrative painting. With a hint of abstraction and expressive brushstrokes that are both visual and tactile, viewing my work is an experience that, I hope, touches your soul.

“Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul.” – W. Somerset Maugham